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Water Science & Technology 27-28 November 2014

The First IORA Water Science & Technology Working Group Workshop
Shumba Valley Hotel Lodge, Johannesburg, South Africa
27-28 November 2014

'Science and Technology' is increasingly being recognised as one of the main drivers of development across all areas of human endeavour. This shift requires active engagement across all those affected to develop mechanisms to understand the opportunities and challenges of this new paradigm. Given the centrality of water to all facets of development, the interaction of water, science and technology presents an opportunity for dialogue and the development of common approaches to water resource management. Whilst the role of water across all facets of development is undisputed, very little emphasis has been placed on the role of science, technology and innovation in the water sector. To address this challenge, the WRC, with the support of Australia, India and Oman, jointly proposed the establishment of an IORA Water Science and Technology Working Group (IORA WSTWG) at the Bi-annual Committee of Senior Officials meeting in Mauritius in August 2012 and in October 2013, at the Committee of Senior Officials meeting in Perth, Australia, this proposal was accepted and approved.

The purpose of the IORA WSTWG will be to look at the strategic role of water science and technology in the region. 


The main objectives of the IORA WSTWG are to:

  • Concentrate efforts in the water R&D domain inside the IORA
  • Coordinate the development of the IORA Water Science and Technology Working Group, which entails a framework for researcher exchanges in member countries in the water R&D domain
  • Provide support for networking measures in the form of several workshops to promote cooperation activities.
  • Create an active community of research-based institutions interested in water research and development
  • Establish links with universities and research-based institutions in the region
  • Encourage members to focus on IOR water issues around specific themes, with the explicit goal of producing an agenda for future research
  • Build capacity, by empowering a younger generation of researchers, academics and scholars to take ownership of their research environment and to aid in shaping its direction; an advisory team of experts would also guide this process and help to equip a younger generation to better deal with future challenges

The Water Research Commission (WRC), has been granted funding by the IORA to coordinate the development of theIORA Water Science and Technology Working Group, which will provide a framework for researcher exchanges between member countries, in the water research and development domain, and will provide support for networking in the form of workshops to promote cooperation in the water resource management domain.

The workshop seeks to:

  • Develop a road-map for the establishment of a standing Water Science and Technology Working Group
  • Conduct a situational analysis of the water R&D landscape inside the IOR
  • Develop an institutional framework for cooperation
  • Provide a networking platform for water science stakeholders in the region
  • Identify areas of common interest for collaboration and develop a way forward

Participating members

The workshop is open to all IORA members and Dialogue partners and there is no registration cost involved. Local hospitality (accommodation and transport) in South Africa will be arranged by the WRC at no cost to participants.


Shumba Valley Hotel Lodge, Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg