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Council of Ministers

The highest authority of the Association rests with the Council of (Foreign) Ministers (COM), which meets annually or more often, as collectively decided. The COM formulates policy, reviews progress on co-operation and makes decisions on new areas of co-operation. It also deliberates on the establishment of additional mechanisms and Specialized Agencies, and on matters of general interest. 

The Council of Ministers elects a Chair and a Vice Chair of the Association, each for a period of two years.



COM Meeting



1st Meeting of the COM  

5-7 March 1997

Grand Bay, Mauritius

2nd Meeting of the COM

30-31 March 1999

Maputo Mozambique

Extraordinary Meeting of COM

22-23 Jan 2000

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

3rd Meeting of the COM 

7-8 April 2001

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

4th Meeting of the COM 

12-13 October, 2003

Colombo, Sri Lanka

5th Meeting of the COM 

26-27 August, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka

6th Meeting of the COM 

21-22 Feb, 2006

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

7th Meeting of the COM 

7-8 March, 2007

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

8th Meeting of the COM

4 May, 2008

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

9th Meeting of the COM 

25 June, 2009

Sana'a, Yemen

10th Meeting of the COM 

5 August, 2010

Sana'a, Yemen

 11th Meeting of the COM

15 November 2011 

Bengaluru, India

 12th Meeting of the COM

2 November 2012

Gurgaon, India

13th Meeting of the COM

1 November 2013

Perth, Australia

14th Meeting of the COM

9 October 2014 

Perth, Australia

15th Meeting of the COM

23 October 2015

Padang, Indonesia

16th Meeting of the COM

27 October 2016

Bali, Indonesia