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Committee of Senior Officials

The Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) is comprised of senior Government officials of Member States. It meets as often as collectively decided (but at least once a year). It reviews the implementation of the decisions taken by the COM, and, in co-operation with the WGTI, the IORBF and the IORAG, it: 

  •                         establishes priorities for Economic Co-operation
  •                         develops, monitors and co-ordinates Work Programmes
  •                         mobilises resources for financing Work Programmes
  •                         submits periodic reports to the COM, and refers policy matters to the COM for its decision 

In 2010, the Council recommended the meetings of the CSO be held bi-annually to ensure closer supervision over the commitments made by the Member States and the projects undertaken.  The first bi-annual CSO took place in Canberra, Australia on 30-31 March 2011.


CSO Meeting



1st Meeting of the CSO 

3-4 March 1997

Grand Bay, Mauritius

2nd Meeting of the CSO

30-31 March 1998

Le Maritim Hotel, Balaclava, Mauritius

3rd Meeting of the CSO 

28-29 March 1999

Maputo, Mozambique

Special Meeting CSO

20-21 January 2000

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

4th Meeting of the CSO

4-6 April, 2001

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

5th Meeting of the CSO

7-8 May, 2002

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

6th Meeting of the CSO

10-11 October, 2003

Colombo, Sri Lanka

7th Meeting of the CSO

24-25 August, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka

8th Meeting of the CSO 

19-20 Feb, 2006

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

9th Meeting of the CSO

6-7 March, 2007

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

10th Meeting of the CSO 

2-3 May, 2008

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

11th Meeting of the CSO 

23-24 June 2009

Sana'a, Yemen

12th Meeting of the CSO 

3-4 August 2010

Sana'a, Yemen

13th Meeting of the CSO

 12/14 November 2011

Bengaluru, India

14th Meeting of the CSO

31/1 November 2012

Gurgaon, India

15th Meeting of the CSO

31 October 2013

Perth, Australia

16th Meeting of the CSO

7-8 October 2014

Perth, Australia