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Additional Materials

Indian Ocean Rim Association Whale & Dolphin Watching Workshop
"Building Sustainable Whale & Dolphin Watching Tourism in the Indian Ocean Region"
Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka
24-26 February 2016


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Additional Materials 

Papers, presentations and resources submitted by participants and presenters

*- 1. Interpreting short-term behaviourial responses to disturbance within a longitudinal perspective

*- 2. Decline in relative abundance of Bottlenose dolphins exposed to long-term disturbance

*- 3. Impact assessment research: use and misuse of habituation, sensitisation and tolerance in describing wildlife responses to anthropogenic stimuli

*- 4. Managing wildlife-based tourism: edging slowly towards sustainability?

*- 5. Managing whale-watching as a non-lethal consumptive activity

*- 6. An integrated and adaptive management model to address the long-term sustainability of tourist interactions with cetaceans

*- 7. Meta-analyses of whale-watching impact studies: comparisons of cetacean responses to disturbance 

*- 8. Economic influence of dolphin watching in Lovina

*- 9. Evaluating the potential distrubance from dolphin watching in Lovina

*- 10. Human dimensions of watching spinner dolphins at Lovina