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As per the Charter, the Directors/Experts are seconded by the Member States voluntarily.  The Directors assist the Secretary-General on day to day affairs of the Secretariat and performs such duties as laid down in the Rules of Procedure.

In the absence of the Secretary-General the Senior most Director represents the Secretariat and conducts its affairs on behalf of the Secretary-General.

Currently, there is two directors in the Secretariat, Mr H Graham Anderson seconded by South Africa and Mr Firdaus Dahlan seconded by Indonesia. 

Mr H Graham Anderson (Secondment from South Africa)


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Mr Graham Anderson was born in Pretoria, South Africa on 30 December 1959. He matriculated in 1977 and enrolled at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa, where he completed a Bachelor's of Arts (BA) majoring in History, Psychology and Political Science; a Higher Education Diploma (Post Graduate); followed by a Honneursbaccalaureus Artium (BA Hons) in Political Science and a Magister Artium (MA) in Political Science.

He joined the South African Department of Foreign Affairs in 1984 and has been seconded to the IORA Secretariat on 1 October 2012.

During his career in the Foreign Service of South Africa, he served as 3rd Secretary at the South African Legation in Helsinki, Finland (1986 to 1990); as Counsellor (Commissioned) to the South African Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil (1992 to 1996); Counsellor at the South African Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela (1998 to 2002); and as Counsellor (Bilateral) at the South African Embassy in Vienna, Austria (2004 to 2009).

At the South African Foreign Ministry's Head Office in Pretoria, he served in the Department's Foreign Affairs Secretariat (1984 to 1986); the Directorate: Publications (1990 to 1992); Latin American and MERCOSUL Directorate (1996 to 1998); Branch Multilateral Directorate for Social Development Organisations (2001 to 2004); and the USA Directorate in the Branch: Americas and the Caribbean. Since June 2009 at the Branch: Americas and the Caribbean he has managed a team of officials in the socio-economic portfolio which included trade and industry, health policy development, education and training, transport, energy cooperation, agriculture and rural development. He has also served on the South African National Treasury's trilateral steering committee which encourages funding for trilateral projects into Africa from South Africa and the USA.

During the South African COP17/CMP7 Presidency and since May 2011 as incoming COP17/CMP7 President, he served on the Team of the Ambassador-at-Large for COP17/CMP7.

Recent career highlights include, the drafting of the opening addresses for both the President of South Africa and the COP17/CMP7 President at the COP17/CMP7 Conference in Durban in December 2011; Rapporteur for Health during the European Diaspora Conference in Paris, France, the intense lobby action for the re-election for a 3rd term for the South African Auditor General as External Auditor for UNIDO in Vienna, Austria, as well as the negotiations for two full Masters Degree scholarships for South African students at a top Austrian Academic Institution.

Graham is married to Erika and has four children.

Firdaus Dahlan

Mr. Firdaus is a career diplomat. He has been serving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia for more than 20 years. During his time, he has been assigned in several missions of Indonesia abroad. He is an Economist graduated from Andalas University in West Sumatera in 1987. His keen interest in Economy has inspired him to take post-graduate studies at University of Padjadjaran in Bandung, West Java, majoring in Business Law and graduated in 2007.

As a diplomat, his career began as Sub-Head of Industrial Division at the Bureau of Economy of ASEAN - Indonesia in 1991, and then in 1993 he was assigned as Sub-Head Economic Division at the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea until 1997. In 1997, he assumed responsibility as Report Analyst at the Directorate General of Economic Relation of MOFA-Indonesia. In 1999 he was tasked to take post as Head of Economic Division at the Indonesian Embassy in Amman - Jordan. After completing his task at the Embassy in 2003, he was given the responsibility as the Deputy-Director for Technical Cooperation of International Organizations at the Directorate General of Information and Public Diplomacy until 2007. During this time, he was active in conducting various training programs of capacity building for developing countries in collaboration with International Organizations / donors, such as UN-ESCAP in Bangkok, Islamic Development Bank, JICA, WTO, UNEP, NAM-South-South Technical Cooperation (SSTC), etc. At the same time, he was also active in coordinating with Governmental / Private Institutions of Indonesia to pool Indonesia's resources and capacity in technical cooperation.

From 2007 - 2010, he was tasked as Head of Information and Socio-Cultural division at the Indonesian Embassy in Den Haag, Netherlands. During this time, he was also active in promoting socio-cultural relation between the two countries, including in the tourism sector. He initiated several promotional programs to further strengthen bilateral relation of both countries, such as "Pasar Malam Indonesia", which became an annual event program of the Embassy visited by more than 30.000 people year-on-year. Since 2011 he assumed responsibility as the Deputy-Director for Economic and Development at the Directorate of Public Diplomacy of MOFA - Indonesia in Jakarta.

Mr. Firdaus has attended several short courses, among others: a diplomatic course at INTAN Malaysia (1992), and at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies, Clingendael, Den Haag, Netherlands (2007), and a Short Course on Dispute Settlement jointly conducted by MOFA - Indonesia and the WTO Secretariat. He is also currently Chief editor for Tabloid Diplomacy, which is one of the publications of the Directorate of Public Diplomacy, circulated mainly to Public Universities and local Governments throughout Indonesia.   Mr Firdaus is married to Henny Devita and has two children.