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IORA Business & Trade Facilitation Workshop, 4-5 August 2014

IORA Business & Trade Facilitation Workshop
Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebene, Mauritius
04-05 August 2014


In a world where economic growth and attracting foreign investments are becoming more difficult, strengthening collective economic corporation as ways to accelerate intra-regional trade and increase FDI movements would be an advantage to the Indian Ocean Rim region. In that respect, one of the benefits that emerged from the IORA is the convergence of thinking about macro-economic policies among Member states. The organization of a Business and Trade facilitation workshop fits in the objectives of the IORA to facilitate and promote economic cooperation.


The first IORA Economic and Business Conference (EBC), which was held from 4-5  July 2013 in Mauritius brought together Ministers and business representatives from across the Indian Ocean Rim who recognized the importance of harmonized trade practices among members as a mean to foster economic growth and boost commercial linkages across the region.

One year after the first EBC, the Business and Trade Facilitation Workshop will enable Member States to pursue dialogue on business and trade facilitation. Through peer-to-peer learning and structural sharing of knowledge and experiences, the workshop is designed to address barriers and bottlenecks relating to business and trade facilitation in the IOR region. The event will bring under one roof businesspeople to interact with government Officials in their role as facilitators, providing the right macro-economic environment and framework for businesses to thrive.

The Workshop aims to provide a platform for further emphasizing the need to build complementarities of economies within member states and exchanging best practices in the context of business facilitation.

The Business Facilitation Workshop will have an important focus on trade facilitation, i.e. the extra efforts that IORA Member States are prepared to take to make trade easier and less costly reflecting, for example, the WTO's definition of trade facilitation as "the simplification and harmonization of international trade procedures".  The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) concluded in Bali in December 2013 will set the scene.  Apart from the national implementation plans on trade facilitation, the IORA Member States would have the opportunity at the Workshop to discuss the possibility of developing a regional implementation plan so that the benefits of the TFA can expand to the whole IORA region.  


  • Take forward discussions held in the first EBC in matters of business facilitation as a catalyst to stipulate economic growth and development in the Indian Ocean Rim region. 
  • Boost public-private sector dialogue on business and trade facilitation.
  • Share experiences and peer-to-peer learning on focused areas of business and trade facilitation.
  • Develop synergies to harmonize trade practices in line with international norms and minimize barriers to trade in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Identification of areas of cooperation among Member States.

Target Audience

Delegations from member states and dialogue partners including:

  • Government regulators
  • Policy makers
  • Investment Promotion agencies
  • Business chamber of commerce
  • Captains of trade and industry
  • Private sector businesses
  • Academics


  • Improvement in ranking of Member States in the Doing Business Report.
  • Facilitate peer to peer learning among participating countries.
  • Reduction of barriers in business and trade among Member States.
  • Increase in intra-trade.

Way forward

The discussions will be taken on board in the second edition of the IORA Economic and Business Conference which will be held in 2015. 

Dates & Venue

Monday 04 & Tuesday 05 August 2014 at the Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebène, Mauritius

Logistics Arrangements

Transport will be made available to delegates from SSR International Airport to the Hennessy Park Hotel. 

Entry Requirements

All delegates who require visas will be provided with the same at the SSR International Airport.  


Special room rates (per room per night) at the Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebène, Mauritius for IORA delegates are quoted below.

Room Type Rate in USD $ (BB)
Standard Room
(free wifi included) 


Registration Form

Delegates are requested to register on-line for the IORA Business & Trade Facilitation Workshop CLICK HERE 

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