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Business Travel Card

Establishment of an IORA Business Travel Card

IORA is considering the establishment of a Business Travel Card with the view to providing business travellers easy access to IORA member countries and facilitating regional economic engagement and integration.  Streamlined business visitor entry to IORA member countries would help business travellers to explore business opportunities further, conduct trade and investment activities, to attend trade promotion meetings and to effectively interact with Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Potential benefits associated with the establishment of a Business Travel Card scheme for IORA Member States could include fast-track immigration clearance for business travellers on arrival and departure at major international airports and multiple short-term entries to these countries for a specific number of days during each visit.  Business persons would not be required to apply for visas or entry permits each time they travel to any of the participating IORA member countries as the proposed card would represent their visa that had been obtained pursuant to the visa rules and procedures of participating countries.

The Objectives of the proposed IORA Business Travel Card are the:

  • Creation of a business environment focused on opening and facilitating trade;

Identification and development of new areas/sectors of interest for trade and investment.