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Multilateral Entrepreneurship Education

Centre for Multilateral Entrepreneurship Education

There is a great potential for multilateralism and international education cooperation efforts to influence the process of globalization toward a harmonious and humane world order in terms of politics, economics and social reforms.

Based on this spirit, the University Kebangsaan Malaysia has proposed to establish a Centre for Multilateral Entrepreneurship Education pursuant to the recommendation of Academic Group of the Indian Ocean Rim Association approved in the 7th Meeting of the IOR Council of Ministers, held on 7-8 March 2007 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Entrepreneurship is important for economic growth, productivity, innovation and employment, and many countries have made entrepreneurship an explicit policy priority.

The benefits of this to Member States are:

a) Will be able to share knowledge of teaching and learning methods which compatible with entrepreneurship between countries.

b) Become the centre for discussion of all issues related to entrepreneurship between countries.

c) Designing curriculum, effective pedagogy and appropriate facilities that needed for teaching and learning of entrepreneurship.

d)  Stop center to identify the procedure or evaluation process of all entrepreneurial training centers.

e)   Stop center to learn other country's successes in developing entrepreneurs through trainers' training method.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Malaysia and the IORA will be proposed later for the establishment of the centre.