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Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management


Disaster Risk Management is an area of increasing interest to IORA Member States, which seek to address the threats posed by natural disasters (such as tsunamis) and manmade disasters (such as oil spills and marine pollution). Across the world, more than 200 million people are affected every year by droughts, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, fires and other hazards. Governments around the world have committed to take action to reduce disaster risks, and have adopted the Hyogo Framework for Action, a guideline to reduce vulnerabilities to natural hazards. 

Policy approach 

The countries of the Indian Ocean region have expertise and experience in disaster risk management. IORA is considering strengthening disaster management capabilities through collective disaster risk management and enhanced regional mechanisms. Member States are considering what can be done jointly in the areas of early warning, disaster risk reduction and the establishment of regional response capabilities. In this process is considering the establishment of a mechanism for humanitarian assistance and disaster management, such as creating a regional early warning system for natural calamities. 

Disaster risk management is multidisciplinary, and involves the participation of a multitude of partners and stakeholders, including national governments, non-governmental organisations, regional and international cooperating partners, donors, civil society and the private sector. IORA is therefore in the process to encourage partnerships between institutions to strengthen the management of disasters and for the development of joint training programmes and regional insurance schemes. Research institutions are encouraged to develop mutually beneficial collaborative projects, to share their experiences and best practices and for enhancing the technical capacities within the region. 

IORA places emphasis on knowledge sharing and capacity building for the creation of a culture of safety and resilience within the Indian Ocean region. Disasters can be substantially reduced if people are well informed of measures related to disaster prevention and resilience. This requires the collection, compilation and dissemination of relevant knowledge and information on hazards, vulnerabilities and capacities. 

Recent Events


Event Date Venue Document
International Training on Disaster Risk Management for
IORA Member Countries, South American & Caribbean Countries
25 May - 3 June 2015 Indonesia -
Workshop on "Exploring Preemtive Disaster Risk Management
Measures to Ensuring Human Security" 
20-21 April 2015 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania -
Meeting of Ocean Forecasting Officials to build capacity to
progress, validate & apply Indian Ocean Forecasting Systems
27-31 May 2013 Perth, Australia -