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Scope of Work


The IORA is a regional forum, tripartite in nature, bringing together representatives of Government, Business and Academia, for promoting co-operation and closer interaction among them.  It is based on the principles of Open Regionalism for strengthening Economic Cooperation particularly on Trade Facilitation and Investment, Promotion as well as Social Development of the region.

The open regionalism, which is more member-friendly than other neo-liberal regional arrangements, includes three key components namely, the Trade Liberalisation (b) Trade and Investment Facilitation and (c) Economic and Technical Cooperation.


IORA seeks to build and expand understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation through an evolutionary and non-intrusive approach.  A member driven approach is followed by Member States to achieve the goals and objectives of the Association.


It promotes a principle of good governance which enables smooth implementation of its work programmes through its three separate Working Groups, namely the Working Group on Trade and Investment (WGTI), the Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum (IORBF), and the Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (IORAG).


The priority areas identified for the Association in medium to long term, in the Charter include (i) Poverty Alleviation, (ii) Promotion of Maritime Transport and related matters, (iii) Cooperation in the fields of Fisheries Trade, (iv) Research and Management, (v) Aquaculture, (vi) Education and Training, (vii) Energy, (viii) Information Technology, (ix) Health, (x) Protection of the Environment, (xi) Agriculture, (xii) Disaster Management.