Member's Area

    Ministers of Foreign Affairs (from left to right) from South Africa, Deputy Minister, Nomaindiya Mfeketo, from Indonesia Minister Retno Marsudi and from Australia Minister Julie Bishop.

    Port Management & Operations Course
    1-5 August 2016


    2nd Ad-hoc Committee Meeting
    on the IORA Concord
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    24-25 May 2016 

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Maritime Safety and Security
Maritime Safety and Security is a key area for IORA because a safe, secure Indian Ocean is vital in order to bolster the movement of goods and people amongst our Member States.

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Trade & Investment Facilitation
Trade and investment is an area that directly impacts upon job creation, poverty alleviation and economic development, and contributes to the objective of promoting sustainable and balanced economic growth in the region.

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Fisheries Management
Indian Ocean coastal states share a keen interest in the management and conservation of the region's rich fish resources.

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Disaster Risk Management
Disaster Risk Management is an area of increasing interest to IORA Member States, which seek to address the threats posed by natural disasters.

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The contributions of science, technology and the academia have the potential to enhance IORA's knowledge and capabilities in a number of important fields.

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Tourism & Cultural exchange
The tourism sector has tremendous potential in the Indian Ocean region.

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Gender Empowerment
At the Council of Ministers meeting in Perth, Australia, on 1 November 2013, the empowerment of women and girls in the region was identified as an important cross-cutting issue as women have been important contributors to the economic and social development of the countries in the region.

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Blue Economy Conference
The development of the Blue Economy holds immense promise for the Indian Ocean region. The Indian Ocean is the world's preeminent seaway for trade and commerce.

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